Submissions are now OPEN.
For this submission period, Riverbed Review will focus on the three major societies (of the past) that were shaped by rivers–Mesopotamia by the Tigris and Euphrates, Ancient Egypt by the Nile, and Harappa by the Indus. The work can be set in the past, present, or future, in any genre of your choice. (Perhaps, for example, a tourist visiting the Valley of Kings has an epiphany and rethinks their life? Or, perhaps, a tradesman in ancient Mesopotamia accidentally invents the cursive script one day? The possibilities are endless.)
Please note, for this issue, Riverbed will also be accepting photography and art pertaining to the above-mentioned theme. And that the issue’s cover will be chosen from the accepted art/photos.   

As always, please ensure that all submitted work is original and unpublished. And insert a 50-word, third-person bio beneath the story/poem. Do include your Twitter/Instagram handle, if you have them. For those e-mailing art/photos, please also send a brief description about your submitted work. 

Please write ‘Submission’ in the subject area when sending your story or poem to Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please let us know if you get accepted somewhere else. Submissions are accepted from January 16 to March 16; May 16 to July 16; and September 16 to November 16. Please note that the May 16 to July 16 submission window will only accept themed pieces. 
No restrictions on genre. But word-limit is 1000. Maximum of two entries per author. At this point in time, we are unable to pay our writers/poets. But that will change in the future.
Selected stories and poems will be published in the third issue of the online journal Riverbed Review, which will be out in August, 2021. Your submission may be edited for grammar upon acceptance.
All rights revert to the author upon publication. Please credit us if you publish it elsewhere.

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